2. Project’s Goal

We intend to make use of mesh network. It allows for multi-hop, peer-to-peer connectivity directly between smartphones, instead of relying on internet and cell networks. Blockchain is used in the network to uniquely identify each node (smartphone) providing a trust layer to users without centralized signup. It also provides the infrastructure for users to connect multiple separate meshes by sharing an internet connection in exchange for ERC20 tokens. This offers an entirely new and unique method of information distribution not possible with existing technology.

For UNICEF, we plan to develop an open source messaging app to be tested in refugee camps, specifically, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. A broadcast channel would allow UNICEF to push vital information to smartphone users about services like vaccination clinics, maternity clinics and schools. The app would also allow refugees to message one another even if they do not have a SIM card or cellular data.

telemesh ecosystem